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Xinguang company has been engaged in the wool chemical processing for 16 years.
now has become the world's
largest wool processing enterprise, the annual output is more than 15000 tons. We have our partners in China and in other
countries and have built trust and friendship with them.
The annual output is more than 15,000 tons, it is the world's largest
wool top chemical processing plant.
Nursing certification
In 2005, the company was accredited
by The Woolmark Company for the Total Easy Care certification.
Test base
In 2006,
the company signed technical cooperation agreement with Australian
Wool lnnovation Co.,Ltd...
Environmental certification
In 2015, the company passed Oeko-tex100 environmental
protection accreditation.
In2015, Tianjin University of Technology
Wuhan Industrial University and other famous universities...


Biological methods without chlorine shrink woolen continuous processing technology Industrialization symposium

President of China wool textile industry association Mr. Sun Ruizhe and President of China wool association Ms.Huang Shuyuan come to our company to visit, and successfully held a none-chlorine shrinkproof discussion meeting.

The 85th international wool conference held in Sydney, Australia. XinGuang company was invited and delivered an important speech at the conference .

The 85th international congress held from April 4 to April 6 in four seasons hotel in Sydney. The meeting hosted by IWTO and FAWO to undertake.



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